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Below we have attached some randomly selected reports and clippings from various books and encyclopedias on the subject of human growth. The below clippings are real and not made up and were found right at our in house library.  Any copy or regeneration or advertisement of this report without the written consent of USA Int'l. Ent., Inc. is strictly prohibited! Once again we thank you for your interest in USA Int'l. Ent.,Inc. and our TALLMAX Growth Enhancer Product. We look forward to hearing from you real soon!  FACTORS AFFECTING HUMAN GROWTH:

Tall parents usually have tall children, and short parents have short children. Therefore, the tendency to be tall or short seems to be largely hereditary. However, tallness appears to be recessive. This means that short parents may have tall children. When one parent is tall and the other short, the children may be tall or short or even midway between. This occurs because the hereditary pattern is complex, and other factors are often involved.  Hormones produced by glands in the body modify growth. Secretions from the pancreas, thyroid gland, and pituitary gland particularly affect growth (see Gland). These secretions-insulin, thyroxin, and growth hormone-greatly influence cell size and cell number. Too little of any of these hormones can slow growth. In hormone-deficient patients, treatment with the particular hormone increases growth. - Foods and various nutrients are also a priceless factor in growth. Certain foods but not others contain materials essential for growth.(NOTE:These reports are direct from various books and encylopedias!) To promote proper growth, a person should eat a balanced diet and supplement their diet with various growth stimulating essential ingredients which have been under extensive studies and research analysis for a long time. Other factors can affect growth. Exercise may promote growth in muscular groups but not likely in bone structural extension. Inactivity may slow it. Communicable diseases or infections interrupt growth. Stress and emotional disturbances can also interfere with it.  AMINO ACIDS AND NUTRITION:

Protein is an indispensable ingredient in the living organism, and the amino acid building blocks must be available in the cytoplasm. Many amino acids are synthesized in the body; others are not. Those not synthesized are called essential amino acids. In man these are isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine and valine. These essential amino acids must be provided in the food that an organism eats. For example: If in Mexico the people ate corn alone, their diet would be deficient in  lysine and their growth and tissue replacement would be impaired. Spanish people augment their basic corn diet with beans, which are richer in lysine. Eggs, milk, or meat would balance the diet. A vegetarian diet is characteristically low in lysine, methionine, and cystine. Animal products on the other hand provide a more complete array of amino acids. Thus inland African natives have dietary deficiencies not found in African coast natives who supplement their vegetable

diet with fish. Children of central and southern Africa and India often suffer from protein insufficiency that leads to a serious disease called kwashiorkor. See also DNA; gene; METABOLISM; nucleic acid; NUTRITION; protein. - COURTESY ALFRED NOVAK, Stephens College  HUMAN GROWTH:

The stature to which each of us grows is predetermined in our genes, as the racial differences between Pygmies and Watusis testify. Tall parents tend to produce tall offspring. And, the children of fat parents may be predisposed to obesity but these basic builds can be modulated by, and indeed depend on, endocrine and nutritional factors. The fact that modern human beings are taller than their ancestors of colonial or medieval times is attributable in part to better nutrition and medical care, and in part to hybrid vigor? Whereby people now marry out of their own cultures, nationalities, and races, thus mixing the gene pool. Growth hormone promotes growth during childhood and adolescence, but slackens off when maturity is attained. Too much growth hormone, as is secreted by pituitary tumors, induces gigantism, while too little causes dwarfism. The adolescent growth spurt is correlated with the surge of sex hormones secreted at the time of puberty. Not surprisingly, nutritional factors have profound effects on growth, especially in immature individuals. Prenatal malnutrition may interfere with cell proliferation in the developing brain, resulting in mental retardation. Underfed children grow more slowly than normal, but if refeeding is not delayed too long, they will exhibit catch-up growth with little or no stunting of adult height. Prenatal growth is also affected by intrauterine conditions not the least of which is crowding. Birth weights of twins are typically lower than those of singletons, and triplets are born smaller than twins. In such cases, catch-up growth may eventually erase earlier deficits. Human beings take longer to grow up than any other animal. This is correlated with our considerable longevity but has probably evolved as an adaptation to our higher intelligence. It takes many years to educate children to the cultures into which they were born.  


"TALLMAX" is for sale 100% over the counter and is used by thousands of people just like yourself. Like stated in our growth report using "TALLMAX", it is as safe as taking a vitamin.  After reading your report and I think I have actually grown taller in the last several months. It has not been a huge amount but every little bit helps. Thanks!-----Kent.CA 

You recently wrote to me to respond on your TALLMAX product. Let me just say that I am only 16 years old, my parents are both 5'6" and I just passed the six foot mark. I don't know what is making me grow so fast but its got to be something!----- Robert M.MA.    I really think that your formula is real and not a fraud. Believe it or not I researched it at the library and did find out that the stuff you sell is important for growing and we can control our height to a certain degree like you said. I've been using TALLMAX for about two months.-------K. T. WA.    I used TALLMAX on my two sons and they each grew two inches quickly.---B. Kim. HI.

  You recently wrote to me to respond on your TALLMAX product and it is really good stuff. My father said that I grew three inches last year and the year before that I only grew one inch but I have only been taking the Growth Enhancer for about thirteen months.       ---Sam K. S.F. CA 

Per max serving: (3-TEASPOONS)  (TT) Trib.-Terrestris Active - 3750 mg  "GROWTH ACCELERATOR" Maltodextrin - 3900 mg;(Vitamin C- 3.75mcg;Vitamin A- 3.75mcg;Vitamin E- 30 IU  Zinc- 7.5mg);Egg White Hydrolysate - 1350 mg;Natural Orange Flavor - 1500 mg,Protein- 10.5gr,Calories-120  Carbohydrates-7.5gr,Fat-(less than 1gr),Folic acid-75mcg,Biotin-7.5mcg,PABA-1.5mcg,Choline Bitartrate-75mcg, Inositol-75mcg, Pantothenic acid-22.5mcg, Vitamin B-12 - 9mcg, Rose Hips- 3.75mcg,,Beta Carotene- 3.75mcg,,Vitamin E- 30 IU,Niacin- 22.5mg,Thiamine- 1.8mg,Riboflavin- 1.8mg, L-Alanine - 742mg, L-Arginine - 1735mg, L-Aspartic Acid - 832mg,L-Carnitine - 25mg, L-Cystine - 112.5mg, L-Glutamic Acid - 1380mg, L-Histidine - 127.5mg, L-Isoleucine - 270mg, L-Lysine - 675mg, L-Methionine - 135mg,L-Phenylalanine - 505mg. L-Proline - 1447.5mg, L-Serine - 367.5mg, L-Threonine - 315mg, L-Tryptophan - 67.5mg, L-Tyrosine - 157.5mg. L-Valine - 360mg, Choline Bitartrate- 75mg, Inositol- 1.5mg 


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